Time to Think About Your Pool

Well folks, if you live in Texas than your enjoying some pretty weather this January and although spring is a ways away, there is no better time to think about your pool and begin thinking about swimming than right now. The POOL DEPOT is revving up for a great swimming year in 2013 and we are ready to be your go to pool people.

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Pool Services Blog

WHO NEEDS POOL SERVICES? I can not believe how fast time passes. It seems like yesterday I was wishing everyone a super happy New Years 2000. Now here we are twelve years later and although many many things have changed, one thing has remained consistent since when I was a young lad, many moons ago.

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Houston Pool

Houston pool are two words that certainly go together. For starters Houston is in Texas and if you have ever been to Texas then you know that the heat is torching. The Texas heat will motivate you to get in the shade, get in some air or get your butt in the nearest pool. If you look at the Houston area from a good aerial view you will see that there are pools everywhere.

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Residential Swimming Pool Services

The POOL DEPOT provides residential pool services to Houston and the surrounding areas. We enjoy providing information to the home owner that will help increase pool safety and reduce maintenance costs. Swimming is a fun, healthy, family orientated and a great way to spend valuable family time.

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Swimming Pool Heaters

To help you enjoy your swimming pool year round you may choose to add a swimming pool heater to your pool system. Swimming pool heaters come in many styles to include solar.

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Warm Pool

Adding a heater to your pool can extend the usefulness of your pool greatly. I hate it when that time of year comes that i no longer can use my pool and be considered a intelligent individual. I also don’t like to wait to be the last on the block to winterize my pool and properly put it up for the winter. I don’t know about you but my two favorite times of the year as a pool owner are August and January. Yes January.

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Choose Pool Depot

Choosing a pool company can be daunting to say the least. A quality swimming pool cost more than many cars do. A swimming pool is a permanent fixture in your yard and will either make your life a living joy and bring many years of enjoyment or not function correctly and bring many years of frustration.

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Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swimming Pool Cleaning is very important to keep your pool well maintained. When you are cleaning your pool as you should you save yourself time, money and down time. When a pool is maintained correctly all the systems and components of your pool will last longer and perform better.

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Swimming Pool Servicing

Take time to prepare your pool for Fall and Winter with proper swimming pool servicing. When Fall comes it is time to prepare your pool as prescribed by the owner’s manual or pool maintenance information.

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The Pool Depot Inc.

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The Pool Depot






We have utilized the services of Pool Depot since 2007. We have NEVER had any kind of service issue. They arrive each week at the same time without fail. I never think about the pool or the maintenance of the equipment. Everything just works and if it's big, the call and discuss the problem plus my options and pricing. I highly recommend the services of The Pool Depot!!!!

Casey Rowe

I called The Pool Depot to service my mother's pool in Houston. I live 2 hours away so I am not able to personally help my mother as often as I like. The Pool Depot sent an excellent rep over to repair my mother's pool. He was so informative that my mother knew more about the repair after he left. We appreciate your fast response and courteous attitude. Thank you.

Ruth Woods


Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible.