Swimming Pool Tiles

The beautiful tiles that surround your pool need maintenance once in a while. The grout used is resilient but after years of service the grout may need to be repaired. This will prevent the swimming pool tiles from actually out will falling our or cracking.

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Swimming Pool Acid Wash

When the coping (concrete) around your pool gets dingy and stained you may consider a pool acid wash. This process can also be performed on the inside of the pool as well. There are several products on the market that will allow you to perform an acid wash but I do not recommend them.

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Swimming Pool Heaters

what type should you get, a gas, an electric, solar? There are several different types of pool heaters available that will provide you with many hours of extended time in your pool.

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Does My Swimming Pool Leak?

It has come to those mystery questions: Does My Pool Leak? How do I tell if my pool leaks? Look for the following conditions. Is the pooling water where you usually don’t have pooling water? Is it by a component that you can check for a leak?

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Swimming Pool Plaster

If you have a concrete swimming pool you may have a plaster covering that protects the concrete from the water. Swimming pool plaster gives you a nicer finish and can help reduce the chance of leaks.

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Swimming Pool Repairs

When a pool is in need of repair it is recommended that you contact a qualified swimming pool repairs center like ours. When owners choose to repair a pool themselves or hire a person not familiar with the different parts of a pool it usually does not end well.

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Swimming Pool Remodeling

Swimming pools have several safety features that should be considered when remodeling in order to be operated and enjoyed safely. The state you live in publishes a list of recommended safety concerns that if followed could lower your home insurance.

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Swimming Pool Servicing

Swimming Pool Servicing Fall Time for the Swimming Pool Servicing Take time to prepare your pool for Fall and Winter with proper swimming pool servicing. When Fall comes it is time to prepare your pool as prescribed by the owner’s manual or pool maintenance...

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The Pool Depot Inc.

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The Pool Depot Inc.
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11211 Richmond Ave B104
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Hours: Monday – Friday
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The Pool Depot






We have utilized the services of Pool Depot since 2007. We have NEVER had any kind of service issue. They arrive each week at the same time without fail. I never think about the pool or the maintenance of the equipment. Everything just works and if it's big, the call and discuss the problem plus my options and pricing. I highly recommend the services of The Pool Depot!!!!

Casey Rowe

I called The Pool Depot to service my mother's pool in Houston. I live 2 hours away so I am not able to personally help my mother as often as I like. The Pool Depot sent an excellent rep over to repair my mother's pool. He was so informative that my mother knew more about the repair after he left. We appreciate your fast response and courteous attitude. Thank you.

Ruth Woods


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