Swimming Pool Tiles

The POOL DEPOT can, in some cases, clean the calcium scale and scum off your existing swimming pool tiles with our specialized cleaning process.

Should you choose new tile, The POOL DEPOT are specialists at replacing your existing tile with a variety of new and up to date frost proof or natural stone tiles.

Most swimming pool tiles are generally 6” X 6”. The 6” X 6” area can be made up of a single tile or four 3”X 3” tiles or nine 2”X 2” tiles, etc.

There are a variety of looks or styles available;

nobletile-234x300Glazed Swimming Pool Tiles
The most common swimming pool tiles, these tiles are hard-fired with a shiny glaze finish available in an array of colors and designs. They provide a more contemporary look for your pool or spa.

Stone Look Swimming Pool Tiles
These ceramic and porcelain-body tiles are created to mimic almost any natural stone selection. The textured finishes provide a more natural-looking alternative to swimming pool tiles and compliments stones such as marble, slate and flagstone. Use them on the waterline or wherever you want a stone look with the durability and easy maintenance of a ceramic or porcelain tile. Some of the selections in stone look series also have matching deco tiles available that add more decorative look.

Trim Swimming Pool Tiles or Step Trim
These swimming pool tiles are used to mark the steps and benches in a pool or to tile the entire pool. They are available in both glazed mosaic and stone look and are offered in 1×1 and 2×2 sizes.

mastertileMost of our Swimming Pool Tile selections come from either Noble Tile Supply or MasterTile but we’ll be happy to work with any tile supply store of your choice.

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We have utilized the services of Pool Depot since 2007. We have NEVER had any kind of service issue. They arrive each week at the same time without fail. I never think about the pool or the maintenance of the equipment. Everything just works and if it's big, the call and discuss the problem plus my options and pricing. I highly recommend the services of The Pool Depot!!!!

Casey Rowe

I called The Pool Depot to service my mother's pool in Houston. I live 2 hours away so I am not able to personally help my mother as often as I like. The Pool Depot sent an excellent rep over to repair my mother's pool. He was so informative that my mother knew more about the repair after he left. We appreciate your fast response and courteous attitude. Thank you.

Ruth Woods


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