Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

The POOL DEPOT specializes in calcium scale removal (a type of pool tile cleaning) from a variety of pool tile, stone, glass and masonry type surfaces and structures.

The POOL DEPOT specializes in Pool Tile Cleaning

Our most commonly preformed pool tile cleaning process is calcium scale removal from residential and commercial swimming pool and fountain surfaces.

The POOL DEPOT is one of only a handful of companies in the USA and the first in Texas to offer this new environmentally safe type of blasting technology.

Keiserite blasting successfully removes calcium scale from most pool tile, stone, glass and masonry surfaces. Keiserite blasting is a revolutionary cleaning technology that propels a mineral called Keiserite (via compressed air) onto the area to be cleaned. This process removes a variety of contaminates such as calcium scale, suntan lotions, body oils and dirt accumulations without harming the underlying surface.

soda2The blast material (keiserite) is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous material that is completely and environmentally safe. Keiserite is PH neutral so it will not affect your pools water chemistry and will not damage or kill vegetation around the pool.

Blast particles remove surface contaminants by the energy released as the water soluable media is pressure-driven into contact with the contaminated surfaces.

Sand Blasting is very damaging to the underlying surfaces and will stress-relieve the surface increasing the speed of contaminate reformation. Glass bead blasting, although gentle enough to clean the substrate, requires an enormous amount of post application cleanup.

Because of the non-destructive abrasive effect of Keiserite Blasting, either hard or soft masonry and stone surfaces can be easily cleaned in a matter of minutes

soda1Keiserite Blasting knows no equal

At your request one of our technicians will visit your pool and measure the surface area to be cleaned so that we can provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost to clean the surface area.

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We have utilized the services of Pool Depot since 2007. We have NEVER had any kind of service issue. They arrive each week at the same time without fail. I never think about the pool or the maintenance of the equipment. Everything just works and if it's big, the call and discuss the problem plus my options and pricing. I highly recommend the services of The Pool Depot!!!!

Casey Rowe

I called The Pool Depot to service my mother's pool in Houston. I live 2 hours away so I am not able to personally help my mother as often as I like. The Pool Depot sent an excellent rep over to repair my mother's pool. He was so informative that my mother knew more about the repair after he left. We appreciate your fast response and courteous attitude. Thank you.

Ruth Woods


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